1. Get Ready For Winter With Small Group Training

    As December approaches in Bloomfield, so does our will to get fit. We all want to look and feel good during the winter, especially when attending holiday parties, seeing family, or managing stress and illness. This winter, get ready with NJ Fitness Factory. Why Is Physical Activity Important? Exerci…Read More

  2. How Exercise Makes You Look And Feel Younger

    Everyone works out for different reasons. Some do it for health, while others just want a boost of energy. However, one benefit that everyone notices is that exercise makes you look and feel younger. It’s true and there’s science to back that statement. There are a number of reasons you’ll loo…Read More

  3. Nutrition Tips For Athletes

    Not everyone working out in the gym is here to lose weight. Some people are here to get stronger and fitter, some want curvier curves and flat abs and some want to prepare for peak performance in an athletic endeavor. Not only will the workouts vary for each of these groups, so will the nutritional …Read More

  4. How Hormones Affect Your Health

    When you think of hormones, you normally think about female and male hormones like estrogen and testosterone, but there are other hormones that aren’t linked to sexuality. When your hormones are functioning correctly, it benefits your health. That’s because hormones are chemicals that send messa…Read More

  5. Goal Setting Tips For Success

    No matter where you are, it’s important to set goals if you want to get fit, lose weight or start any type of exercise program. Setting goals is a way to track your progress and ensure that you’re headed in the right direction. If your ultimate goal was to run a race and win, you’d time yourse…Read More

  6. Step Counter Apps

    If you wonder whether step counter apps could improve your health, you’re not alone. These popular devices have taken the fitness market by storm. They start counting your steps the minute you put them on with varying accuracy and give a report when you ask or at the end of the day. Sometimes, bef…Read More

  7. Should You Be Snacking

    Weight loss shouldn’t mean being deprived. It should never involve walking around hungry all the time. You need to include snacking if you have those problems. That doesn’t mean you grab a quick snack from the vending machine, but instead, have healthy snacks available. A healthy snack will fill…Read More

  8. Benefits Of Green Tea

    If you’ve been to our gym in Bloomfield, NJ, you know how we emphasize healthy eating. Well, healthy drinking is also part of that program. Of course, I’m talking about the non-alcoholic type of drinking. Drinking plenty of water is important and cutting out sweet drinks like soda or even fruit …Read More

  9. What Are HIIT Workouts

    If you want to get the maximum results in a shorter workout, consider using HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It’s a technique where you workout at top speed for a short period followed by a period of recovery where you continue at a moderate speed. There are various…Read More

  10. Keeping Fit On The Go

    I have clients here in Bloomfield, New Jersey, that may not travel across the country, but they certainly put on miles and stay super busy. They find it difficult keeping fit on the go. One of the first things they do each month is to schedule in their workout, whether they work with me or work alon…Read More