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What our members say

 Nick Romano, Nutley NJ
Nick Romano, Nutley NJ

The time had come for a change. The need to get back in the game. While I was working to lose weight I needed to take the next step and get off my behind and start working out again. It had been years since I carved out time to do something that needed to be done. I came across NJFF’s location in Bloomfield. Upon my first visit I found a warm staff, an inviting facility and a new approach that allows you to invest less time and still see results. The trainers mix it up, make it fun, allow you to work at your own pace but also push you to go past your comfort zone. The members are non-judgmental, inspiring each other to climb to new heights. Not only do I enjoy the workouts, I look forward to each one and hate when I miss a training day. If you are looking for a great place to train you need to check out NJFF.

 Randee, Verona NJ
Randee, Verona NJ

Training with Dave has changed my life. Prior to training with him I weighed over 240 pounds. I went through a series of fad diets and trainers, but nothing seemed to work. Each trainer would have me do something different, yet, there was no change. One, even had me doing burpees in the middle of the entire gym, which, at 240 pounds, just made me feel embarrassed. When I met Dave one of the first thing we talked about was my lifestyle. Dave discussed with me the changes that would be necessary and why I was not seeing any changes. One thing I liked about Dave was the way in which he talked to me, never condescending, yet always informative. After training with him for several months I finally hit one-derland!(Weighed less than 200 pounds) I saw my strength grow immensely and found one of my passions, hiking. Training gave me confidence in my own skin. Now, several years later, I have found another passion, running. Running was something I never dreamed of doing nor felt comfortable doing. Throughout my journey there were ups and downs, but Dave was always there encouraging me to move forward and make better decisions for myself. Now, I am 80 pounds lighter, have found the confidence in myself, and got married! I am excited to take the next steps of my life and to continue to make my fitness a priority at NJ Fitness Factory.