Everyone works out for different reasons. Some do it for health, while others just want a boost of energy. However, one benefit that everyone notices is that exercise makes you look and feel younger. It’s true and there’s science to back that statement. There are a number of reasons you’ll look younger. One simple one is that it puts bounce in your step and gives you energy. Nothing says youth more than a person that has unbounded energy.

Your skin will look beautiful.

It’s not just the dewy glow you get when you’re exercising and more than the glisten of sweat on your brow. Studies show that people over 40 who exercise frequently had smooth, elastic skin that most people have in their 30s. While they weren’t sure what caused the skin to show the ravages of age, all indications led them to believe the difference came from exercise. It may be the fact that exercise lengthens your telomeres, which protect your chromosomes and prevents cell damage. It could be the increase in circulation that brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of the body.

Your posture will improve.

Stand in front of the mirror and slump. Notice how you look. Now take years off that profile by standing up straight and elongating your body with your best posture. It makes you look both thinner and younger. Not only does your posture improve with exercise, so do your aches and pains. If you have back problems, improving abdominal and back muscles can both help relieve pain and eliminate the problem.

Are you a grumpy old person?

Seriously, getting old is not for sissies. You can make it a lot better, though. When you workout on a regular basis you do so many great things for your body and your mind. You’ll burn off the hormones of stress and trigger the creation of hormones that make you feel fabulous. Those aches and pains that add to the grumpy mood are often relieved with exercise. That new, relaxed you will smile more and be far less likely to be a grumpy person and you’ll become the person that everyone loves to befriend.

  • You’ll look years younger when you workout and eat healthy. It gets rid of that tell-tale bulging belly that screams old age. A flat tummy and a great physique goes a long way in creating the appearance of youth.
  • Exercise helps prevent serious conditions that can age you fast. Getting sick makes you look older. Exercise helps prevent conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer.
  • Your joints and muscles aren’t the only things that get stiff as you age, so do your blood vessels. Exercise keeps them young and functioning.
  • You’ll boost your sex drive when you workout. If you want to recapture that magic you had when you first met, why not sign up with your spouse for a few months of workouts. You’ll notice the difference quickly.