Weight Loss Success Stories

Here are just a few photos and stories of our happy clients achieving their weight loss goals!

*Results vary from person to person. These results can only be achieved through full completion of our workout and nutrition program.

Nick - Before & AfterThe time had come for a change. The need to get back in the game. While I was working to lose weight I needed to take the next step and get off my behind and start working out again. It had been years since I carved out time to do something that needed to be done. I came across NJFF’s location in Bloomfield. Upon my first visit, I found a warm staff, an inviting facility and a new approach that allows you to invest less time and still see results. The trainers mix it up, make it fun, allow you to work at your own pace but also push you to go past your comfort zone. The members are non-judgmental, inspiring each other to climb to new heights. Not only do I enjoy the workouts, but I also look forward to each one and hate when I miss a training day. If you are looking for a great place to train you need to check out NJFF.

Nick Romano, Nutley NJ

Deorie - Before & AfterHave you ever woken up in the morning and just felt so ecstatic about feeling sweat running down your face, or feeling your legs and arms burn like fire. This is my pleasure every morning. NJFF has been my daily motivation since Sept. 19th. I look forward to being here not just for the fantastic workouts, but for the camaraderie and support of my new friends. It’s like an extended family and it has become a part of my family’s lifestyle. Healthy and fit mom and dad equals healthy kids too. Thank you NJFF for what you’re giving to my family and me; strength, courage, belief and confidence.


NJ Fitness Factory’s format is unique to anything I have ever done. I can’t do anything else now. It’s like personal training, but in an energized group environment. You are led by an instructor who has eyes on everyone, is ensuring you are pushing yourself to the very max and doing the exercises properly. I have loved not having to think about what I need to do in order to get a complete body workout by weeks end. It’s all planned for you! It has been a winning formula for my mind and body.

The energy and feeling of togetherness and team work has inspired me to go from working out 1-3 days per week to 5-6 days per week. I don’t dread going to the gym like I have in the past. I have been going to gyms all of my adult life. I have done personal training , traditional classes and worked out on my own. Nothing has changed my body and more importantly my attitude about working out like NJ Fitness Factory. I have lost more overall inches and added more muscle in the last year and half , than all years combine anywhere else.

The instructors are friends and leaders. They take personal pride in your success In the most genuine way I have ever experienced. Throughout my time here, trainers have changed for a variety of “life” reasons , but there was a quality shared by all, which obviously is a testament to who is hired. They have a dedication to make sure the work out is invigorating and fresh each class. They are engaged in such a way that motivates you to push yourself for them! They show a real interest in each member to ensure that everyone gets what they are coming for. No matter what level of fitness or experience.

Among the members there is a community feel; as you walk in you can see the togetherness as everyone is talking and preparing for class. The social aspect is a fresh added bonus. Having recommended to friends and made new friends here, walking in to sweat with familiar faces helps you get there and have fun doing doing it! The camaraderie is infectious! It makes you feel you have an obligation to get there and work hard, which I don’t care what anyone says …. We all could you use that extra reason at times!

NJ Fitness Factory is apart of my life. Not just my “gym”.


Training with Dave has changed my life. Prior to training with him I weighed over 240 pounds. I went through a series of fad diets and trainers, but nothing seemed to work. Each trainer would have me do something different, yet, there was no change. One, even had me doing burpees in the middle of the entire gym, which, at 240 pounds, just made me feel embarrassed. When I met Dave one of the first thing we talked about was my lifestyle. Dave discussed with me the changes that would be necessary and why I was not seeing any changes. One thing I liked about Dave was the way in which he talked to me, never condescending, yet always informative. After training with him for several months I finally hit one-derland!(Weighed less than 200 pounds) I saw my strength grow immensely and found one of my passions, hiking. Training gave me confidence in my own skin. Now, several years later, I have found another passion, running. Running was something I never dreamed of doing nor felt comfortable doing. Throughout my journey there were ups and downs, but Dave was always there encouraging me to move forward and make better decisions for myself. Now, I am 80 pounds lighter, have found the confidence in myself, and got married! I am excited to take the next steps of my life and to continue to make my fitness a priority at NJ Fitness Factory.


I don’t know how much weight I lost but I know the amount of happiness, strength, and motivation that I have gained since i join NJFF. The trainers are inspirational and very motivating. It is easy to wake up early and come to class because they make it so fun. It seems like they have made working out my favorite hobby! Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like I’m working out because I am enjoying myself so much. NJFF has made going to the gym an adventurous and fun experience.


When I stepped on the scale at the end of NJ Fitness Factory’s 6-Week Body Transformation program and saw that I’d dropped from 268 to 240 pounds, I almost fainted. Literally! It was a challenging road but a worthwhile one, and along the way I learned some key things about both myself and health and fitness. I’ll start though with some background.

I was overweight for my entire grammar and middle school days. In high school I joined the wrestling team, and it was there that I learned the core truth about health/fitness from which everything else stems: eat right and exercise. The pounds melted off of me in high school thanks to the training, help and encouragement of my wrestling coaches. I’ll return to this last point in a moment.

Fast-forward to my life as an adult. I went into a “yo-yo” phase. A few years heavy followed by a year not, over and over again in a continuous loop. When I did lose weight, I worked hard exercisingand watching what I ate but it was always so easy to fall back into old habits – whether out of stress or merely a desire to indulge in the “fun” foods.

Fast-forward again to earlier this year. I turned 48 years old. Losing weight was harder than ever, while gaining it was easier than ever. I went to the gym, worked out a great sweat on the machines I used, but never lost weight. Admittedly I wasn’t paying too close attention to what I ate or drank. I did know that my aches and pains were worse than ever, as was my indigestion and my inability to walk up and down stairs without huffing and puffing.

I inherited a bad back, bad knees and ankles from my wrestling days, and according to my doctor, I also got to develop arthritis at an earlier age from wrestling, too. Additionally, within the last few years I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia, a metabolism imbalance which compromised my energy levels and required special dietary care. If not monitored it could lead to Diabetes. These factors were in no way helped by my extra weight. I knew something had to be done.

One day I noticed an amazing before-and-after transformation photo posted on Facebook by my friend Frank DiCicco. I started quizzing Frank on the program and to my surprise all of his answers indicated to me that this was simply, “eat right and exercise.” No special pre-made meals or supplements/shakes, but a balanced diet that was low on carbs and sugars, high on proteins and good fats and of course, vegetables and fruits.

The exercise was another matter. It is hard, no question about it. Having gone through wrestling I knew what tough workouts were like, and I was able to flashback to my high school days to mentally find ways to push through each tough workout. I made a promise to myself that I would mentally try the best I can and make it through each workout, even if I couldn’t do each exercise perfectly. I would substitute and modify where necessary and do whatever I could to keep moving. That is how I approached each day, with a “try my best” attitude. It took me very far.

One key thing I learned at NJ Fitness Factory was the reason behind my own recent (pre-6 Week Challenge) exercise regimen failing. I was not exercising my core. I was doing exercises and using machines that just worked out one body part at a time. At NJ Fitness Factory, the exercises are designed to engage your entire core – multiple body parts at once – and let me tell you I recognized the difference right away, not just in the fact that I could feel every part of my body getting worked out but also through the amount of sweat I perspired as I exercised!

Earlier I mentioned my wrestling coaches from high school. That is a major factor at NJ Fitness Factory. The main Group Training Instructors I had were great motivators! They gave tough workouts but also a lot of positive reinforcement, encouragement and instruction, like my wrestling coaches. And then there is the accountability factor – the program encourages keeping a log and has periodic meetings to go over progress. While I didn’t keep a formal log I was fully immersed in a mindset of staying on track with what I was eating. There are those who can tackle health and weight loss on their own with no problem, but what I learned about myself is that I need the coaching and accountability aspects that the structure of NJ Fitness Factory’s program provides.

Today, I am navigating stairs more easily, with a little less huffing and puffing. I have more energy in general. My overall aches and pains have lessened. I’ve lost several inches and will need to overhaul my wardrobe soon. And I can’t remember the last time I had indigestion. Thank you to the entire team at NJ Fitness Factory for giving me a chance to reinvent myself and start a new chapter in my life!