1. The Crucial Role of Nutrition in Your Fitness Plan

    As you likely already know, nutrition plays a massive role in your overall health. Not only do vital vitamins and nutrients help support your body’s functions, but it helps your body recover from exercise. Proper nutrition provides fuel for your workout — for example, if you are exercising with …Read More

  2. Delicious Pre-Workout Snacks

    It’s almost impossible to perform your best at the gym on an empty stomach. Whether you’re training for a marathon or attempting to set a new personal record on the bench press, you want to be properly fueled. So what makes the perfect pre-workout snack? Here are five suggestions from our Bloomf…Read More

  3. Delicious Post-Workout Snacks

    You just powered through one of the most difficult workouts you can remember. But even though you’re completely wiped out, you realize you’re getting hungry. So you swing by the nearest fast food spot for a quick snack and go about your day. There’s obviously something wrong with this hypothet…Read More