Rosemarie’s Transformation

The moment that changed my mindset…looking at the picture of myself in the photo on the left.  After years & numerous attempts at weight loss…the constant motion of going up & down…the emotional struggle & never really feeling happy about myself or satisfied…& although, I was working out…I was not seeing the results I longed for, & my weekly workout routine became less effective.  I knew that I had to take on a different approach.

I joined NJFF in June of 2017.  I was nervous to start & take on something new…but, from my very first day I took a class…I knew there was no looking back for me.  The classes are exceptionally great…challenging & intense.  The trainers are all awesome…they are encouraging & motivating…& have their own unique workouts.  The atmosphere is upbeat, energetic & positive…& I always leave wanting to come back for more…that is the feeling I lost…but, I now found myself to love working out again…& back to being consistent with my weekly workout routine 5 times a week.


As you see my picture now on the right…that is my weight loss success I have been longing to achieve…& an added bonus…I am wearing jeans…I have not worn a pair of jeans in years.  With my workout regimen at NJFF & a weight loss program…I finally found what works for me…& what has given me the best results thus far.  I set a goal to lose 20 pounds…which I finally reached in September.  I then set another goal for another 10 pounds…I lost many inches off my waist…& toned my legs & arms.  I gained more strength…& learned different exercises I never knew how to do.  I hated & found it hard to look at myself in the mirror…& now, I can do it & actually see a difference in my body.  I have never worked so hard…although, I may be slow or not as fast as others…I am doing it…& I didn’t give up.  I thank the trainers for pushing me…& helping me succeed.

I accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do…& I am beyond proud of myself.  It’s not easy…but, I learned to start with small tasks…take each day one by one…& not let the bad days I have stray me from ruining how far I came.  Also, being a part of such a beneficial exercise program…helps me stay accountable with my nutrition.  My next goal…will be to maintain my weight…& I know with the help of NJFF…I will be able to do it.

THANK YOU NJFF…for all that you are & all that you helped me to become!  I look forward to continued success!!!


A/K/A Rosie & Roe

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