You just powered through one of the most difficult workouts you can remember. But even though you’re completely wiped out, you realize you’re getting hungry. So you swing by the nearest fast food spot for a quick snack and go about your day.

There’s obviously something wrong with this hypothetical — surely you would never ruin an incredible workout with an unhealthy snack. But the temptation is there, which is why it’s important to have healthy, ready-to-eat snacks available immediately following a workout. Here are some delicious post-workout snacks to consider, as provided by our Bloomfield nutritionist:

Greek yogurt with berries

It’s always good to refuel with protein after a workout. While your first thought may be to purchase a bunch of protein shakes, the reality is that not everyone enjoys the taste. That’s why we suggest honey-flavored Greek yogurt with berries as an alternative.

There’s a lot to love about this post-workout snack — nearly 15 grams of digestible protein, carbohydrate-driven energy, and, of course, a delicious taste.

Peanut butter banana protein smoothie

Think back to the last time your body crashed after a workout. Whether you had to go back to work or were headed home for the evening, we’re willing to bet you didn’t feel good at all afterward. This goes to show the importance of regulating your blood sugar after finishing up a workout.

A peanut butter banana protein smoothie provides everything you need to avoid that dreaded post-workout crash. Our nutritionist suggests adding protein powder, almond milk, and a bit of cinnamon. Have some of the smoothie before and after your workout for consistent energy throughout the day.

Chocolate milk

Don’t have any time to blend up a smoothie but still in need of a healthy post-workout snack? You can’t go wrong with an 8-ounce glass of good, old-fashioned chocolate milk. This tasty treat you remember as a kid contains just 140 calories despite packing nearly nine grams of protein. 


Let’s get away from the dairy snacks and focus on something more crunchy — almonds. Something we love about almonds is that you never have to worry about them melting and ruining your car or gym bag. Just keep a bag in your car and enjoy a quick muscle boost following your workout. Almonds also make the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up when you might otherwise turn to unhealthy options such as candy and/or soda.

Turkey and cheese with apple slices

Maybe it’s the middle of the day but you’re not in the mood for a sandwich. So why not spread a soft-cheese wedge over several slices of lean turkey for a quick, satisfying snack? You can even add a sliced apple for much-needed energy-boosting carbs.

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