Eating healthy on a trip can be a challenge. Whether you’re flying or driving from Bloomfield, NJ, you’ll stay fitter by using some of these tips for eating while traveling. If you’re taking a road trip, plan out your journey and use a search engine to help you plan your stops. Just search for healthy restaurants in the town where you plan to stop and investigate their offerings, as well as how far away they are from your actual stop. Travel Adviser often has a listing for several restaurants in the area, although they may not be in your actual town.

Pack a meal.

Road trips can be the best and they don’t have to burn your budget or destroy your healthy eating plan. You can pack a cooler filled with both healthy meals and snacks. That way you aren’t limited to eating at specific areas and can have a picnic lunch at a rest stop. If you’ve traveled very far, it gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. You can even do a bit of jogging or some quick exercises while you’re there. Packing a healthy lunch isn’t all you can do, you can pack healthy snacks, too.

Choose off the menu carefully.

Almost every restaurant or fast food place offers salads. You can even choose a sandwich, like a sub with grilled chicken or lean meat. Avoid fried foods and dessert, stick to water with your meals. Carbonated drinks are loaded with calories, but don’t provide any nutritional benefits. Plus, sugary drinks normally don’t quench your thirst as well as water. Even airports have these types of restaurants, although you’ll pay more for the food than you would anywhere else.

Whether flying or driving, pack extra water and take snacks.

Getting water through an airport security just isn’t possible, but packing empty bottles or carrying a couple with you is doable. There’s always a water fountain on the other side to fill your bottles, so you don’t have to ask for more water on the plane. Those glasses are barely a swallow! Carrying tree nuts, such as cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts or pecans, can curb your appetite and provide nutrients, such as protein, healthy fat, vitamin E and magnesium plus they’re super easy to carry in a plastic bag.

  • Raw vegetables and hummus, hard-boiled eggs, berries and yogurt are a bit more difficult on a plane, but not if you’re driving. Fresh and dried fruit are good no matter how you travel.
  • If your personal item is a purse, buy a large purse to carry on the plane. Put snacks and your regular purse inside it.
  • Stop at a grocery on the way if you’re driving by car or rent a car when your plane lands. You can pick up healthy food for snacks and won’t pay a fortune. Healthy trail mix is often sold in bulk and fresh fruit and vegetables are available, often with the veggies already cut and with a dip.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water fills you up, but not out. In many cases, when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty.