If you’re doing the same old workout and not getting good results, it’s because you need to make changes to your program. Modifying mode of exercise helps boost your results in a number of ways. Mode of exercise means the type of exercise you do. Walking is one mode of exercise, just like weight lifting is another. If you’re only doing one type of mode, such as running, you’re not going to become your fittest.

Modifying mode helps avoid plateauing.

Plateauing is when you workout the same way as you always have, eat the same number of calories, but cease getting the results of weight loss or muscle development. It occurs when the body becomes too efficient at doing a particular workout. Efficiency is good if you’re working at a job and normally good for your body, since it allows certain tasks to become easier, but not good for muscle development and weight loss. Working just as hard and losing less weight, while seeing fewer gains is discouraging. Modifying your mode and varying the workout is the best method of achieving success.

Boredom can set in and destroy a workout.

If you aren’t looking forward to your workout and having fun, maybe you need to make some changes. While workouts can be rigorous, basically not what you think of as fun, the fun part comes with the challenge it offers. If you’re doing the same workout consistently, you no longer have that challenge that keeps you coming back to the gym. Varying your workout keeps you in the game.

There are four areas of fitness you have to consider.

Running may be a good aerobic workout and may even help your balance, but it does nothing to build strength or flexibility. Lifting weights can certainly build strength. Depending on the exercise, it may build balance and give you a workout for endurance. However, if you don’t add flexibility exercises, you’ll pay for it with injuries and pain. Modifying your mode ensures you get an adequate workout in all areas of fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.

  • If you don’t modify your mode, you won’t work all the muscle groups and that can create an imbalance.
  • Modifying your mode can make exercising worthwhile. If you love a sport and participate in it as part of your workout, you’ll actually look forward to the workout in the gym to get you ready for that sport.
  • Variety is the spice of life and also can keep your body on alert and ready to make changes when necessary.
  • Using various types of exercises can help your muscles, tendons and bones work in synergy. That’s called functional fitness. The type of fitness that helps you prevent injuries from doing everyday types of activities, like tying your shoes or picking up a child.