If your whole workout means going from machine to machine, doing the exercise and marking it on your chart, then moving to the next machine, your workout fun is probably limited. Exercise should not be something you have to do like taking bitter medicine. It should be enjoyable. After all, do you ever look forward to taking a big gulp of something that tastes disgusting? Probably no more than you look forward to doing an exercise workout that makes you feel like you’re being punished for those years of inactivity and bad eating habits. You deserve some fun in your life.

Exercising means moving your body in unfamiliar ways to build muscle strength, endurance or flexibility.

If you love to dance, you probably never face an evening of fun and dancing with an ominous, “Oh yeah, ugh, it’s dance night tonight.” Instead, you optimistically look forward to all the fun you’re going to have. Whether it’s golf, basketball, swimming, dancing or walking, it’s all good exercise and should be part of your fitness program. An organized program of fitness with a trainer can be the means to achieve your goal of getting better at your favorite active avocation.

Your workout should be varied and have an element of fun to it.

Varying your workout not only takes the boredom out of it, it also keeps you focused and prevents plateauing. There are so many fun activities that are part of a formal fitness program, such as kettlebells, martial arts and TRX Suspension training. These can be a blast to do, but still provide a total body workout that builds all types of fitness.

Consider a group workout to boost the fun factor.

Group workouts are more than just economical for the participant, they’re also fun. Since you’re getting the expertise of a personal trainer, yet sharing the cost with all the other participants, you’re getting the best of all worlds. The group adds even more motivation and support, too. You’ll be working at your own pace, but still enjoying the company and often empathy, of others in the group who are also pushing toward achieving their fitness goals.

  • Learning tough new routines can actually be fun. They’re challenging and so satisfying when you finally achieve your goal.
  • Turn on the music when you workout and add another dimension that can make working out more fun.
  • If you’re working with a personal trainer or at a gym where every workout remains static and nothing changes, you’re probably not working all your muscle groups or getting the most from your workout time.
  • Making your workout fun will have you looking forward to the time you spend and even help you become more active. It can change your entire attitude about living a healthy lifestyle from one of dread to one of personal enjoyment.