If you have a job that requires sitting all day, you should ask for battle pay. The act of continuous sitting could be killing you. Studies show that sitting for longer periods of time frequently can shorten your life, even if you workout regularly. There’s a new term in the world of science. It’s Sitting Disease. It describes the life shortening effect that sitting can have on each person. In today’s world where sitting at the computer has replaced the manual labor of the past, the effects of sitting longer are just starting to be known.

The original study was from Brazilian researchers and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

According to the study, moving more throughout the day, even if you participated in regular moderate or vigorous workouts, improved longevity. Reducing sitting time by as little as ten percent—approximately 30 minutes for most people—could produce a substantial health benefit. Increasing that movement time to moving two hours more, or 50 percent sitting reduction, triples the benefits.

Take a break every thirty minutes.

A study by REGARDS, which stands for Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke, gathered data from 7,985 participants over age 45 of black and white ethnicity showed that people who sat longer than 13 hours a day doubled their risk of death when compared to those who sat only 11 hours a day. If the sitting was done in 30 minute sessions or less, the risk of death was also reduced by 55%.

Make it a habit to move.

No one will deny you should be able to take some time for yourself, but if watching television is one o those guilty pleasures, there’s a way to offset the sitting disease. Unless you’re a fan of commercials, moving during those commercials is a perfect option. Simply moving around during commercials, doing jumping jacks without the jumping, deep knee bends or even rushing to get a small task that requires physical movement can be an option during those times.

  • Schedule movement into your day. Set an alarm on your computer to alert you to stand for a while or move around as you work.
  • Standing or moving around more frequently can help boost your energy level, too. You’ll get both an immediate benefit and a delayed one.
  • If you move around every thirty minutes, you’ll find you think clearer and have better productivity. In fact, you might even find you’re in a better mood.
  • You’ll boost your metabolism the more you move and that can help you lose weight. It not only helps tone muscles, it also can relieve the aches and pains that can occur when you sit too long.