If you’re like most people in Bloomfield, there’s a lot of people and institutions in your life are demanding your time. There’s a lot of stress to deal with every day. It’s enough to make anyone scream. Even when you’re trying to get away from it by turning on television, listening to the news can add to that stress. It’s hard to be happy with all that piling up, but happiness is one key to longevity and good health. If you make some changes in your lifestyle, you can beat stress and boost happiness to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable and longer life.

Start with what you eat.

The food you eat makes a huge difference in not only how you emotionally handle stressful situations, but also can boost the happiness factor. Your body needs all the building blocks to be healthy, so eating a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, good sources of protein, healthy fat and devoid of chemicals and sugar products. Some foods, like asparagus, which contains high amounts of folate to help boost your emotional health or cashews, which has high amounts of zinc. Low zinc levels have been associated with anxiety and depression. Other healthy foods to boost your mental health include garlic, grass fed beef, chamomile and green tea, avocado and berries. You can even add a bit of dark chocolate for a heart healthy mood lifter.

Get adequate exercise to help you burn off hormones of stress.

When you exercise, your body is mimicking the natural result of the fight or flight response. The changes created by stress hormones prepare your body for those two things. Exercising burns off the hormones and stimulates the creation of endorphins and other happy hormones that make you feel good and give you a feeling of peace and well being. It also helps you sleep better at night and can boost your health. You’ll look better and even have improved self-esteem.

Go for a walk and commune with nature, even go barefoot if possible.

Going barefoot and walking on the grass in the winter in Bloomfield isn’t really an option, but during other seasons it’s possible. Studies show that people get a sense of well being from experiencing the calming effect of a serene park and even more if it has water features. Grounding is another experience that has been proven to bring peace. Grounding or earthing allows your body the balancing effect of absorbing the electrons from the earth.

  • Get social. Studies show that people who are more social tend to be happier and live longer. It can help relieve feelings of depression.
  • Smile more. Just smiling, even if there isn’t anything to smile about, can make you feel better. Studies show that people who smile more live longer.
  • Laugh. Laughter is really the best medicine. Sometimes, you can even fake it until you make it. Try a little experiment when you’re stressed. Go to a private area and enjoy a good belly laugh. See if you feel better afterward, even if you feel a little silly.
  • Take time to pamper yourself. Take a long bath, enjoy some quiet time or get a massage. Do what it takes to feel good again.