It’s that time again when your kids schedules often create a madhouse, leaving you exhausted with barely time to take care of yourself. There are ways to deal with the crowded schedule so you don’t neglect your own fitness goals and good health. Here are some back to school workouts you can do that either combine your schooltime duties with a workout or get your exercising done quickly. It may take a little effort to stay fit, especially while you’re adjusting to the new school schedule, but it’s well worth the time.

Practice with your athlete(s).

While you may not have a great layup, jump or hook shot, that shouldn’t stop you from playing a little B-ball with your budding athlete. In fact, let them teach you what they learned in practice. When they’re the teacher, they pay closer attention at practice so they can be the expert. Of course, that’s a benefit for them, but you get the benefit of a great workout and more bonding time. If you have knowledge to share, even better. Either way, you’ll workout while you spend quality time with your child or children.

Get more of a workout for the time you spend.

Efficiency is the key to fitting in a workout. HIIT is one great way to achieve it. HIIT means high intensity interval training. It’s not a specific exercise, but rather a group of exercises, but still not a group of specific exercises. It’s how you put the exercises together, rather than the exercises themselves. Doing exercises in short bursts at the highest possible safe intensity with maximum effort for a short period followed by doing them at a recovery low to moderate effort for twice as long is an example. You can use running, your normal workout or any group of exercises to get results faster than a traditional workout.

Break up your workout to smaller sections.

If you don’t have a full 30 minutes to devote to your back to school workout, what about 3-ten minute sessions. It’s even better if you’re taking a break from the computer to do it that way. (Studies show that sitting longer than 50 minutes at a time without moving around is extremely unhealthy!) Break your exercise routine down to manageable blocks and do ten minutes every chance you get.

  • Instead of driving your children to school, if you live close enough, walk them to school. It’s a good way to get more time with the kids, while you get your exercise and provide more for them at the same time.
  • Maybe the summer ending has actually freed up more time to go to the gym. It’s time to create a schedule that includes an appointment to get healthier and fitter. Consider using a personal trainer to boost your motivation.
  • Find a friend to workout with to boost your motivation. It’s easy to extend that morning coffee and miss your workout session if you aren’t accountable to anyone.
  • Build in more exercise to your schedule by parking further from the door when you’re shopping or taking the stairs rather than the elevator.