1. Staying Fit As You Get Older

    It’s never too late to start working out and living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re fit now, staying fit as you get older can be harder and even more difficult is getting into shape. It’s not impossible to do either one, but it does take consistent effort. Whether you make it a practice to take…Read More

  2. How To Exercise As It Gets Colder

    The weather in Bloomfield, New Jersey during the winter months often aren’t conducive to exercising outside. There are alternatives, such as taking your workout indoors. For those who still want to run or jog outside, you have to learn how to exercise as it gets colder. Depending on the temperatur…Read More

  3. Develop A New Healthy Habit

    Switching to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It occurs one habit at a time. You can start on the road to a new healthier you the minute you develop a new healthy habit. While I focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, good hydration and eliminating or d…Read More

  4. Small Changes – Big Results

    Don’t let the thought of getting fit overwhelm you. You don’t have to do everything at once. You can start by making small changes that are easy and continually add to those changes as they become habits. In the end, the more you take the more difference it makes to see big results. For instance…Read More

  5. Is Sitting All Day Killing You

    If you have a job that requires sitting all day, you should ask for battle pay. The act of continuous sitting could be killing you. Studies show that sitting for longer periods of time frequently can shorten your life, even if you workout regularly. There’s a new term in the world of science. It…Read More

  6. Beat Stress And Boost Happiness

    If you’re like most people in Bloomfield, there’s a lot of people and institutions in your life are demanding your time. There’s a lot of stress to deal with every day. It’s enough to make anyone scream. Even when you’re trying to get away from it by turning on television, listening to the…Read More

  7. Are Supplements Necessary

    Are you convinced by many of the television commercials that your health and life would be perfect by the right supplements? So are many other people. That’s why it’s a billion dollar business. The truth is, is that in many cases the supplements you take are actually flushed down the toilet when…Read More

  8. Tips For Eating While Traveling

    Eating healthy on a trip can be a challenge. Whether you’re flying or driving from Bloomfield, NJ, you’ll stay fitter by using some of these tips for eating while traveling. If you’re taking a road trip, plan out your journey and use a search engine to help you plan your stops. Just search for…Read More

  9. Back To School Workouts

    It’s that time again when your kids schedules often create a madhouse, leaving you exhausted with barely time to take care of yourself. There are ways to deal with the crowded schedule so you don’t neglect your own fitness goals and good health. Here are some back to school workouts you can do t…Read More

  10. The Importance Of Modifying Mode

    If you’re doing the same old workout and not getting good results, it’s because you need to make changes to your program. Modifying mode of exercise helps boost your results in a number of ways. Mode of exercise means the type of exercise you do. Walking is one mode of exercise, just like weight…Read More