You recently made the decision to get fit and healthy. The only problem, though, is that you have no idea which gym best aligns with your fitness goals. This is where New Jersey Fitness Factory comes into play.

At New Jersey Fitness Factory, we value our members’ health and wellness more than anything else. Our staff makes it a point to maintain a relaxed, non-intimidating environment where everyone feels comfortable exercising and working toward their goals. There are three things we emphasize at our fitness training studio: accountability, motivation, and results.

Personal Training

A certified personal trainer can help you attain the strong, healthy body you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re training for an event or just trying to get back into shape, our personal training experts will create an exercise and nutrition plan specifically for you. New Jersey Fitness Factory members can choose one-on-one personal training, two-on-one personal training, or a combination of the two. 

Group Fitness

Who says that fitness can’t be fun? At New Jersey Fitness Factory, we offer a number of must-try group fitness classes for all ages. These 45-minute sessions are perfect for members wanting to burn fat, build muscle, and work up a sweat.


There’s no question that good nutrition and regular exercise go hand in hand. Unless you’re eating right and working out on a regular basis, chances are you won’t see your desired results. This is why more Belleville residents are teaming up with our nutritionist. At New Jersey Fitness Factory, all group training and personal training memberships include a complimentary one-on-one nutrition consultation. Our certified nutritionist will teach you about healthy eating and then give you the necessary direction to implement certain dietary changes in your life.

See for yourself what makes New Jersey Fitness Factory the leaders in fitness training!